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The one word life motto that I, Katie, follow through and through. I seek it in my everyday actions as a granddaughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, and a fiancé. My ideology is that every action and plan to be carried out has both, intention and purpose. Why be passionate about something without the heartfelt background of care and genuine intention? THIS is the heart behind Tilly + Teal. As your next door, weddings and events planner, I specialize in the simple, sweet, and intentional couples of Northern Virginia and beyond. I want to take the treasures of your family traditions and showcase them in your details. As a couple, you share in values and traits. My job is to elevate those throughout your day. My clients are the couples that see the start of their marriage surrounded by their closest family and friends. That their floral centerpieces are inspired by a grandmother's garden, the veil is a generational heirloom, and their vows are ardent words expressed through everyday real life moments. A beautiful wedding is not only the carefully picked out venue and the well thought out table scape. A beautiful wedding is one where the couple's values are displayed through the intentional details of their day. A successful and beautiful wedding is one where I have been honored and chosen to execute your day in the most well thought out, detailed, and relaxing approach. Whatever the case may be, T+T is here to ensure that those details don't go unnoticed. As your wedding planner, it is my job and purpose to be sure every aspect of your favorite elements are highlighted. I value what is valued to you, your future spouse, and the family and friends that you will surround yourself with on what is going to be the best day of your life. 


Hey there, I'm Katie. That little ball of fur is Tilly. I started this business in the warm, summer months of 2016 with one goal in mind: to help execute the simple, sweet and intentional weddings of Northern Virginia and beyond with an outgoing and genuine heart. What sparked this venture was when I saw my best friend cry tears of disappointment as her dress was zipped up by her sister and not her mother due to mom setting up the reception space. I swore after witnessing that moment, that I could not let other brides go through the same experience. 

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Now, I'm living the dream life. I am a part time youth minister for my Lutheran church in Springfield and am helping couples around the NOVA area start the new chapter of their lives with their best friend through the most outgoing, fun, and playful planning process. My energy for this comes from a Peet's Coffee Javiva Swirl before 10am and cans of Coke Zero after 12pm. I may only be able to cook chicken and green beans successfully, but I sure as heck bring the party with me wherever I go (my fiance's words, not mine). I love hard and love often. I love what I do and do I what I love.