Original Ideas for Wedding Favors: Northern Virginia Wedding Planner

When it comes to coming up with original ideas for wedding favors, it can be a little challenging! 

There are so many cute and classic wedding favors but if you're looking for something a little bit different I’ve come up with a few ideas to give you inspiration!



It has always been popular to give flower seeds as gifts to your guests, however if your looking for something a little more trendy, go for succulents! Succulents have become very popular to have in homes the last few years because they are cute and easy to maintain as far as plants go! So why not use their popularity to your advantage? You can get as creative (or simple) with succulents as you want! You could make your own small DIY arrangements in mason jars or glass spheres really easily and inexpensively. Regardless, your guests will truly enjoy a sweet littler take home.

Photo: Sarah Botta Photography



Personally, I LOVE reusable totes and shopping bags! I use them for everything and can never resist buying more! They always come in handy, so why not give them as gifts to your guests? Reusable tote/grocery bags are super easy to order and can be customized off of places like Etsy. You could make them cute and funny (like this one shown), include a picture of the state with a heart where you’re getting married, or include a picture of your beautiful faces or make a really pretty design! The possibilities are endless!

Photo: Etsy

Speaking of showing off your theme or personality, I think it is so cute when couples use their wedding favors as an opportunity to showcase some of their favorite things!

For example…

Maybe you’re a well known coffee addict like everyone here at T+T? Then why not show that to your guests by making your own coffee blend and having a custom label put on it? 

If your into beer and wine but want to step it up from the more traditional (but still one of my personal favorites) koozies, why not think of customizing your own beer or wine openers? Another similar idea would to be order mini cocktail shakers!

You can also use your venue for inspiration!! If having your having your wedding at a country club you could think about doing golf balls and tees with your wedding logo on them! For a farm that maybe has wildflowers or berries to pick, provide cute pails for people to take some home! If a beach wedding is more your style give beautiful shells or sand dollars with personal messages on the backs to your guests (they can use them as home decor, too!)

Or if you really love volunteering or are passionate about a cause have your guests fill out cards so that you can make a donation in their name! 

Whatever you choose for wedding favors, make it memorable for your guests to enjoy to keep the celebration going for years to come!

Have a purrr-fect day!