How To Come Up With The Perfect Signature Drink

So this week I’m going to tell you exactly how to come up with the perfect signature drink for your wedding! Signature drinks are such a fun way to give your guests a taste (pun intended) of your personality. Here’s how to pick your drink(s) out in 3 easy steps…


Step 1: How many drinks?

The first thing you need to do is think about how many signature drinks you want to have. I would recommend keeping it simple most of the time and have one or two cocktails. However, there can be cases where another drink or two would be acceptable but there shouldn’t be more than four!

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Step 2: What should our signature drink(s) actually be?

This is where it gets fun. What drinks do you actually want? You can choose to have the drinks be the bride and grooms personal favorites or you could do something to go along with the theme of your wedding! Here are a few examples: if you’re having a summer wedding maybe a fruity sangria, for a winter wedding a spiked hot cider or a hot toddy, brunch themed wedding? Go with mimosas or if your wedding is at a plantation maybe try having mint jubilees for that southern taste, the possibilities are endless!

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Step 2: Continued…

** One thing to keep in mind when choosing your drinks however is to again keep it simple! In this case think of the ingredients being used for your drink and make sure those liquors can be used for other drinks as well. This will make life not only easier on your bartenders (so they can make drinks faster for your guests - happy guests are always a plus) but it will also help prevent anything going to waste since they can be used for multiple things!

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Step 3: Naming your drinks!

Now that you’ve chosen your drinks you just have to name them! Going with the names of the bride and groom is always a great choice so that your guests know its a personal favorite. You can also do something a little different and name the drinks based off your theme, your pets, the colleges you both went to, favorite songs, or anything else your desire!

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So long story short, when choosing your signature drinks have fun with it and keep it simple! Show off your personality to your guests and they will love whatever you pick!

Have a purrr-fect day!