Behind The Scenes: Staying On Top Of Our Game

Staying on top of our game by keeping ourselves connected and educated, lets us bring our clients dream weddings to life!

One of my absolute favorite parts about my job is that every day is completely different! There is a routine but we constantly meeting new people, every client and vendor is different, and trends always changing! This is makes it so important that Katie and I stay on top of our wedding game!! We do this a few ways!



I don’t have enough positive things to say about the community that the Tilly + Teal family has around it! We make sure to get together on a regular basis with other vendors in our area to collaborate, share information on popular trends and swap tips. Planners, caterers, venue coordinators, DJs, photographers, videographers, florists, local artisans, and more!! We are so lucky to have a crazy talented and valuable community to learn from!




Tilly + Teal loves workshops! Why? They provide valuable education in a powerful and condensed manner! Plus, they are sooo fun!! Katie and I both have been to workshops already in 2019! Katie went to one in Charleston and I went to another in Fredericksburg! Both workshops were 3-4 days jam packed with information and new skills for us to use to continue to grow Tilly + Teal! The fun thing about workshops is that they can cover a variety of topics and there’s something for everyone! We both got so much out of the workshops and can’t wait for the next one!

Photo: Always Avery Photography



Just like workshops, classes provide us with practical skills and knowledge to help make wedding days run even more smoothly! Katie and I had so much fun taking the “Clip & Sip” class from The Rosy Posy this past week! The class taught us how to make emergency boutonnières incase there was a mishap on a wedding day! We had a great time and are now both can save the day if there is a boutonnière crisis!

For us staying on top of our wedding game is sooo important!

The Tilly + Teal team is so blessed to have so many great opportunities to learn! We take advantage of every chance so we can continue to grow and make our clients dream weddings a reality!

Have a purrr-fect day!